Krazy Martial Athletic Fitness Challenge

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"It's not about the trophy, medal or money. It's about the self-mastery from within. It's the only thing that defines the real winner in you. It's you against you in a state of serene peace as you come face to face with the true you in every calisthenic challenge along the way. Fear is your friend, quitting is not an option, fatigue is nothing but motivation and obstacles are merely stepping stones. The victory is yours and only yours, because you stay true to you. Pushing on past all things negative, fighting to turn all past defeats into today's successes. This win is bigger than defeating them."

Billy Blanks Says, "This idea is ingenious" regarding The Krazy Martial Athletic Challenge

Billy Blanks Says, "This idea is genius" regarding The Krazy Martial Athletic Challenge



1 minute each

Tuck Jumps:  Jumping in air tucking knees to chest, be sure to point toes toward the ground and press hands down during jump.  As soon as feet touch floor jump right back up and repeat.  The jump cannot be counted if knees are not properly tucked to chest. The knees must come at least to the competitor’s waist.  The counter should have hand set at that height.

Cannonball with a jump shot: cannot count if the hand and wrist do not fully extend on the jump shot motion, with toes point down after jump.
Push Ups:  Military style pushups.  Full extension of arms, chin down to floor.  Counts if the body/head raises back up to start position where the counter’s hand touches the top of the participants head.

Front Kicks:  There has to be a chamber with each kick.  Starting position for drill is a fighting stance.  Following the stance, squat down, coming back up with a chamber and a front kick to the center line in front of competitor(center line would be center of the judge/counter).  Then kicks are then alternated between legs with a squat in between each kick.PMMAKA_LOGO_4C

V-Ups:  laying down on back hands and feet stretched out.  Hands and legs are lifted up at the same time upper body coming up at least to a 45 degree angle, and it doesn’t count until hands and feet touch in the center.  Counter/judge will hold hand in center of competitor and will only count if both the hands and feet of competitor meet hand in the center.

The total of all 5 drills equals competitor score and placement 1st, 2nd 3rd and so on.

Assigned counters will be in place – no one but the competitor may enter the ring/division all others must cheer from the side lines.

Competitor may have water in hand during the transition from each drill.